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Re: Tome of Wisdom
« on: November 07, 2013, 11:44:26 am »
Page 7: Serena Newnova

A mysterious girl who has the same last name as Rina. Her past is shrouded in mystery, as is her face. She always wears a gas mask to hide her face.
She was on Elvania at one point, but was mysteriously teleported away... this resulted in a rather embarrassing day for her.
She has since worked for a farmer until she had enough money to buy herself proper clothing.
She has an obsession with gloves, stockings, socks, gas masks and knives, but doesn't like heavy armor.
Her favorite meals are pizza and cake, and she likes the color pink and whips. She also likes cats a lot.
She often browses the TV Tropes forums, mainly the Zettai Ryouiki, Opera Gloves, Deadly Gas, Gas Mask Mook, Gas Mask Longcoat, Stocking Filler and Knockout Gas pages.

Name: Serena
Surname: Newnova
Race: Human
Class: Civilian
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 5 November 1998
List of Fears: Toxic gases, germs
Worst Fear(s): Toxic gases
Campaign: Chronicles

STATSStrengthAttackMagical AttackDefenseMagical DefenseDexterityIntelligenceAgilityStealth
Base Value005000050
Current Value000000000
(Stat Points: 0)

Hitpoints: 100 / 100
Special Move Points: 0 / 0
Magic Points: 20 / 20
Experience Points: 240
Level: 3
Next Level: 375 XP
Trust: 100 / 200
Stat Points: 0

Weapon 1: Leather Whip (+3 ATK) [can hit all enemies of the same kind in combat]
Armor: Nothing
Shield / Weapon 2: Nothing
Helmet: Nothing
Gloves: Nothing
Boots: Nothing
Accessory 1: Nothing
Accessory 2: Nothing
Element: NONE
Ability: Puppy Revenge

Class Points:
Whip: 0000/0200
Combos: 0000/0100


Hair Colour: Long brown hair
Eye Colour: Violet eyes
Skin Colour: White (basically, Caucasian)
Weight: 55kg
Length: 4'11"
Head 1: Black Heart Ribbon
Head 2: Black Flower Barrettes
Face: Black Gas Mask
Neck: Black Silk Scarf
Upper Body: Black Jacket
Lower Body: Little Black Dress
Right Hand: Black Cotton Sock
Left Hand: Black Cotton Sock
Handwear: Black Elbow-Length Gloves
Legs 1: Black Thigh-High Stockings
Legs 2: Black Knee-High Socks
Accessory 1: Diamond Ring
Accessory 2: Onyx Ring
Accessory 3: Ruby Amulet
Accessory 4: Emerald Earrings

Speech Color: Pink
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