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Re: Tome of Wisdom
« on: August 01, 2013, 02:25:54 pm »
Page 3: Rina Newnova

A young girl whose past is very painful to remember. She refuses to tell anyone about her mysterious past. What is known, however, is that she's a human in a mysterious world that she doesn't know anything about - she was on the planet of Elvania in the Darii galaxy, the last time she checked. She is obsessed with knives, gloves, stockings and she likes to eat hamburgers and hotdogs. Her many fears are weird beyond belief - her fear of Pokémon is justifiable however, due to villainous teams using them for evil. It is unknown what they did to her, though.

Her home town is in the Arilari Continent of Elvania, in Kal Ella Laell City.

Name: Rina
Surname: Newnova
Race: Human
Class: Civilian
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 1 August 1997
List of Fears: Death of those close to her, clovers, hazmat suits, gas masks, poisonous gases, insects, arachnids, fish, canines, elephants, horses, ponies, meteors, Heartless, mirrors, televisions, pizza, giant monsters, fruit (except grapes and lemons), alcohol, germs, poison, oxygen masks, foul odours, porridge, sheer clothing, ghosts, immortality, boredom, blood, vegetables (except potatoes), Pokémon
Worst Fear(s): Hazmat suits, gas masks, poisonous gases, germs, poison, oxygen masks, foul odours, blood
Campaign: Chronicles

STATSStrengthAttackMagical AttackDefenseMagical DefenseDexterityIntelligenceAgilityStealth
Base Value000000244
Current Value080000244
(Stat Points: 0)

Hitpoints: 102 / 104
Special Move Points: 4 / 8
Magic Points: 4 / 8
Experience Points: 240
Level: 3
Next Level: 375 XP
Trust: 105 / 200
Stat Points: 0

Weapon 1: Bronze Dagger (+4 ATK)
Armor: Nothing
Shield / Weapon 2: Bronze Dagger (+4 ATK)
Helmet: Nothing
Gloves: Nothing
Boots: Nothing
Accessory 1: Nothing
Accessory 2: Nothing
Element: NONE
Ability: Detection

Class Points:
Twin Dagger: 0008/0200
Combos: 0002/0100


Hair Colour: Long brown hair
Eye Colour: Purple eyes
Skin Colour: White (basically, Caucasian)
Weight: 30kg
Length: 5'11"
Head 1: Black flower barrettes
Head 2: Black headband
Face: Black sunglasses
Neck: Silver scarf
Upper Body: Green top
Lower Body: Blue miniskirt
Right Hand: Red mitten
Left Hand: Red mitten
Handwear: Torn black elbow-length gloves
Legs 1: Black silk stockings
Legs 2: Red high-heeled shoes
Accessory 1: Ruby Ring
Accessory 2: Emerald Ring
Accessory 3: Diamond Amulet
Accessory 4: Onyx Earrings

Speech Color: Red
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