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Re: Tome of Wisdom
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:18:01 pm »
Page 6: Polar Star

An enigmatic entity. Polar just sort of showed up one day with partial amnesia - that is, Polar remembers everything about itself and its early life, but what happened between 14 to 16 or how (s)he came to wake up in Endania is unknown.

Oddly, Polar doesn't remember their gender, and no one really knows it. More scientific tests have been turned down by Polar, instead choosing to simply go with his/her own beliefs and interests.

Despite his/her strange looks and quiet, antisocial demeanor, Polar is actually quite the social butterfly, being very warm and friendly to almost anyone who bothers approaching it. Polar tries to be as nice as possible, usually acting somewhat goofy. It is this sunny disposition and unique sense of self that allowed her/him to be welcomed into Quietsilence Town, where (s)he met the other 4 heroes and became friends with them, eventually moving in.

However, it may be difficult for outsiders or those who can't see past his/her odd looks to accept Polar, and (s)he often has to deal with malicious intent and exclusion from these people. Although Polar seemingly takes it in stride, laughing it off or reversing these taunts in witty ways, (s)he actually is impacted quite hard, though this is never shared.

In addition, Polar often deals with low self-esteem and a few potential psychological disorders. This makes Polar somewhat of a secretive and withdrawn person when it comes to very personal matters.

Whatever specie Polar comes from, it's generally humanlike, though it also has a few small...quirks. Of note is the red eyes.

Polar's full first name is Polaris. (S)he likes reading, videogames, and his/her friends.

Name: Polar
Surname: Star
Race: Surfacian Unknown
Class: Civilian
Gender: Unknown
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 26 March 1997 (19 Moneysun 1538)
List of Fears: Bees, some spiders
Worst Fear(s): Disappointing others, loss of innocence
Campaign: Chronicles

STATSStrengthAttackMagical AttackDefenseMagical DefenseDexterityIntelligenceAgilityStealth
Base Value112111111
Current Value184111111
(Stat Points: 0)

Hitpoints: 110 / 110 [default 106]
Special Move Points: 7 / 7
Magic Points: 7 / 7
Experience Points: 240
Level: 3
Next Level: 375 XP
Trust: 105 / 200
Stat Points: 0

Weapon 1: Bronze Longsword (+7 ATK)
Armor: Nothing
Shield / Weapon 2: Pen (+2 MATK)
Helmet: Nothing
Gloves: Nothing
Boots: Nothing
Accessory 1: Nothing
Accessory 2: Nothing
Element: NONE
Ability: Hidden Power

Level: 1
Soul: Desert Elf Fighter
  • +4 max HP
  • Learn Desert Howl
  • Increased speed in deserts

Class Points:
Sword: 0006/0200
Rod: 0008/0200
Throwing: 0001/0200
Combos: 0003/0100
Assimilation: 0000/1000


Hair Colour: Green, medium-long
Eye Colour: Light Red
Skin Colour: Pale-Light Caucasian
Weight: 170(!), usually feels more like 130 to others
Length: 5'6"
Head 1: None
Head 2: None
Face: Tiny red mark below left eye
Neck: Pendant (small porcelain yellow star on black chain)
Upper Body: Black pseudoleather jacket(unzipped), white "Free Hugs!" shirt (with Derpina decal)
Lower Body: Jeans
Right Hand: 13(!)Silicon bracelets, of all different colors
Left Hand: Watch, 4 special silicon bracelets
Handwear: Small black gloves
Legs 1: Black socks
Legs 2: Navy Blue hiking boots
Accessory 1: Game Boy Color (special edition, with Pokémon Gold)
Accessory 2: Nintendo DS lite(with KH Re:coded, Pokémon Emerald)
Accessory 3: HTC Sense phone
Accessory 4: Ribbon

Speech Color: Magenta
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