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Verification Questions
« on: May 07, 2013, 10:50:17 am »
QUESTIONS are in bold. ANSWERS are underlined and are not case-sensitive. The answers have to be exactly as they are written, however.
Who is the main antagonist of Shane's Cave Story 1? Kimberley
Who is the first Surfacian Inhuman of Shane's Cave Story 1? Shane
What is the protagonist's strongest weapon? Frozenken
What is the bonus boss on the Balcony? Terranik
Is Shadow of the Stars related to Shane's Cave Story? Yes
Who is the protagonist of Cave Story Re:coded? Serenity
Name the toaster from Shane's Cave Story. Balrog
What is Kim's home planet called? Draconia
What is Shane's most favourite treat? Ice cream
Who does the ASMing for Shane's Cave Story at the moment? Randolf
Which Mimiga is a moderator of the SCS Forums? Kanpachi
How many mods does Shane have released prior to October 1? (no numbers) Five
What is the name of the protagonist in The Curse of Il'andri'iel? (not the full name) Darcy
The name of Kim's youngest sister is? Caitlin
What is the meaning of 19 23 15 18 4? Sword
Name and surname of the protagonist of Into the Unknown? Amy van der Skyff
A desert on Irova that is underground. The name is? Subterranean desert
Shane's worst fear is? Gas masks
What is Kim's youngest sister's favourite outfit? School uniform
What is Shane's favourite video game? Cave Story

Who is Shané in love with? Zexion
Who represents Kanpachi in "Hope of Shané"? Reverie
Who was a Beta Tester of "Hope of Shané"? Polaris
What is the name of the space ship in "Hope of Shané"? Lianon IV
Who does the Purple Karjam belong to? KarjamP
Who is the blonde girl wearing the gas mask in Hope of Shané: Frost? Adriana
With what did Kim strangle her aunt with when she was ten years old? Stockings
What is Serena Daria's hair color? Rainbow
What is the last name of Ellen from Re:Chaos of Death? Neumann
What is the floating island in Shane's Cave Story full of? Poison gas
What does Kim wear on her hands all the time? Black gloves
What is the Sigillan Nobody of Shane? Xeshan
How does Shane breathe underwater or inside toxic gases in Shane's Cave Story? Airmulet
Who is the brunette girl wearing the gas mask in Hope of Shané: Frost? Irma
What is Shane's join date at these forums? 11 September 2012
What kind of poison gas exists on the Irova Prison where Amy van der Skyff is imprisoned? Nerve gas
What is the type introduced in Generation VI called? Fairy
What is the name of Chanelle's younger sister? Shané
What is the one thing that the Nobodies of the Tower That Never Was wear every day? Immortality Armor
What is the relationship between Shaun Engiabo and Kimberley Tyron? They are engaged
What is the time of day in Hope of Shané: Frost, on the surface? Night
What colour is Shane's Super Inhuman form? Green
What colour is Shane's Hyper Inhuman form? Blue
What colour is Shane's Raging Inhuman form? Red
What colour is Shane's Ultimate Inhuman form? White
Who is Xylorta's boyfriend in Justice Hearts? Dorlanx
Who is the Elvanian Goddess of Death in Justice Hearts? Xishiro
Where were Xylorta and Xidana talking in Justice Hearts? Xylon Town
From what planet does Shirley come from in Justice Hearts? Eris
Who is Ginny Anderson's boss? Shaun Engiabo

What clothes does the ninja Yoshiro Sugimoto wear? Casual clothes
What happened on 8 December 2012? Ninja day
Name the final move that Ryudo learns in Grandia II. Sky Dragon Slash
Which Draconian element is split into three? Hito
What is the counterpart of the Solar element? Lunar

Who is the Chess board moderator? Dr. Egregious
In Rhue's Journey, what is Flo's last name? Savannah
What does Aqua from Rhue's Journey wish to wear as a human? Fishnet stockings
What is Flo's profession in Rhue's Journey? Assassin
What Yu-Gi-Oh! card is of the LIGHT-attribute, has 3000 Attack and 2500 Defense Points, and is a Dragon-type monster with a rank of 8? Blue-Eyes White Dragon

When more verification questions are added, this thread will be updated.

This thread will be visible from 7 May 2013 to whenever version 0.3 of Hope of Shané is released, which will be when this thread will be updated.
Also, newly registered members will need at least 10 posts before they will be able to send personal messages without having to answer these questions.
In other words, sending personal messages if you have less than 10 posts will require you to answer these questions as well.
Thus it is recommended that you save these questions someplace.
The reason for this is to make it harder for spambots to send personal messages, should they ever manage to sign up here.

Edits to this post by Shane will be in red, as will his questions.
Edits to this post by Taylor will be in red, as will her questions.
Edits to this post by KarjamP will be in blue, as will his questions.

Amount of questions/answers: 60
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