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Re: Operation Xez [Fiction]
« on: August 04, 2013, 08:08:43 am »
Chapter-1  The beginning of the end
13th August,2024. 7:14 PM.  Jackson,USA.
About 2 years before "Xez" event

The rain intensified.A thunderstorm seemed most likely to occur.This would be the 4th thunderstorm in this week. Something that does not happen often.

My name is Jake. At that particular time I was watching a programme on our TV with my Dad.My Mom died when I was about 5 years old. My Dad wouldn't tell me the reason why she died.I think it's mostly because it brings back horrible memories to his mind.So,I  don't ask about it.

"This rain is really getting annoying,"said my Dad."Mostly I like it. But these days it's just too much."
"Tell me about it. I'm very much fed up too,"I said.

Both of us were sitting on the couch,as usual,watching TV. I said 'as usual' because with the rain being so intense,it is not possible to go outside.So mostly we end up watching TV,or some other boring stuff.

Yeah,I know.You must probably be  thinking,'Hey! It's 2024!We must have some cool things to do by now!'. Well, the truth is,humans haven't developed much even after all these years.We're kind of as we were in 2012 or 2013.I will say that cities and town are developing,but I won't say the development is satisfactory.One main reason for the slow development was mainly because of World War III. I don't have much idea of what happened to my family then, as I was just a child back then. One of the major things that's happened is that petroleum has run out. We knew this was going to happen. But it happened a bit too fast. We humans were unprepared. Cars are now run on electricity. Every single one of them.

And you might also be thinking,"It's just a bit of rain.You can at least go out with an umbrella or something." We can't. In 2019,petroleum was almost at it's end. Scientists discovered some sort of new material, Dezirilium. It was supposed to increase the quantity of petroleum by doing something with the molecules or something.I don't know completely. But something went wrong with the Dezirilium. It released some sort of poisonous smoke. This somehow got mixed with the clouds, by turning into some sort of acid. Now whenever it rains, the acid gets mixed with the raindrops. The raindrops would simply burn them.Severely. They would die eventually. It would also burn through other substances like umbrellas,etc. So, no one uses them anymore.

Another example of how something made for our benefit can ultimately lead to our downfall.

The rain seemed calmer. I was surprised because after all these days of thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls, I almost got used to this kind of weather.We might not be experiencing any more thunderstorms this week.

My Dad noticed this too.He got up from the couch.

"I'm gonna go and get us some more food from the store. We're almost out," he said.
"Sure. Can I come too?" I said.
"No.You stay here."
"Oh come on Dad! I want to go out!"
"Sorry son. Uh...I'll get you a candy bar?"
"Well,your loss. I'll be back."

He picked up his jacket and went out. He closed the door behind him.
At least I thought he did.

With my Dad off to the store, I felt even more lonely.

After 6 minutes or so, the rain got intense again.Very intense. I actually began to worry about my Dad. But I knew my Dad very well. He must've taken shelter somewhere.

I don't know what happened in the next 15 minutes or so. I felt drowsy. My head felt heavy. I almost felt like I couldn't breathe.

This is how it started.

After 16-17 minutes, everything went back to normal. I was still confused.
The lightning and thunder came back.

I looked out of the window. I could barely see anything in the darkness.
Then came the surprise of something I had never seen in my entire life.

Red lightning.
With no thunder.

I was shocked. What the hell is this? RED lightning?
What the hell was happpening?

This continued for a few seconds. Red lightning strikes repeatedly went on for some seconds.
I counted the number of strikes as it went by.


And then there was a huge lightning strike. It lit up the entire room in red. It was accompanied by a loud wailing sound. Very loud.

"Seven.." I said.
By now I was scared. I knew something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

At that very moment, the lights went out. It was a black out.
My assumption that something was wrong got reinforced. Now I was sure that something was wrong.

I got up and and somehow managed to go through the house and find a candle and a matchbox. I found them on a table near the couch.

I lit the candle and placed it on the table.

I had no clue what was happening. Red lightning? And what was that huge wailing sound? I had no idea.
I just hoped that my Dad was alright.

I waited..for more than an hour. My brain still couldn't completely process what was happening. The only thing I could do was wait. Now I started really worrying about my Dad. I hoped he was alright.

Suddenly I heard footsteps. I was delighted as I knew it was my Dad. He was safe!
Then the footsteps changed into fast, heavy steps,as if someone was running.

I caustiously went up to the front door. I was almost near it.

The doors flew open. I stumbled back and fell on the floor.

I looked at the person who was standing there.

Using the dim light of the candle on the table, I saw his face. No...let me correct that.
I saw it's face.

No eyes...and in it's place,blood trickling down it's cheeks.
It's lips were covered in blood.
It almost looked like a Zombie.

I was shocked. I was frightened...No words can describe that moment.
I let out a scream.

The "Zombie",upon hearing the scream, let out a huge wail of it's own.
It then jumped on top of me and started choking me.

I couldn't breathe. I tried to fight back. But it was just too strong.
I tried to punch it.
But I just felt like I had no energy left. This thing was choking me.

I gathered all my strength and managed to hit it hard in the face.

It flinched and fell to the floor.
I knew this was my chance.

Catching my breath, I tried to get to the kitchen.
One word came to my mind- Knife.
I needed to kill...whatever it was.

I stumbled across the room.
I caught a glimpse of a knife on the kitchen counter.
I needed to get to it.

Suddenly the Zombie caught my foot.
It immobilised me again.

It came up and started choking me again.
It was now enraged after I hit it, and started choking me even harder.

I started to lose my focus. Everything started becoming blurry.

I then blacked out.

The last words I heard before I did so was a familiar voice saying-
"Oh no you don't!"

Perhaps the last words I'll ever hear again.

Be prepared for occasional visits~